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Entrepreneurship is Art

I’ve never been one who could paint, draw, or create anything in the realm really. I’ve always told anyone who asks that I have no artistic ability whatsoever. Creativity never seemed to be much of a skill I had growing up as an Athlete primarily. The thing I realized from Athletics is that I learned how to compete. When you learn to compete and have the desire to do whatever it takes to win you become creative in finding ways to enhance yourself in any way possible. When I started my first business with $500 I knew nothing about the music industry. I knew one thing though I wanted to find a way to constantly improve my business and create the best experience possible for our attendees. I began to get creative and constantly find ways to improve with that mindset. The more the creativity started to flow the better the business became and the bigger it grew. Most importantly it attracted more people to it.

With every late night, every strategic partnership, and every event the picture became clearer and clearer. The more that picture came together I realized that when I started it was nothing more than a blank canvas. I started with no name, no logo, no website, and basically nothing tangible. There was a vision and a purpose which became quite the combination. When vision and purpose come together anything seems possible. So many things are possible as long as you don’t know they are impossible. I was blinded by the vision and deaf to anything that didn’t align with my purpose.

Entrepreneurship is art. There are good and bad creations. The difference I believe is that you never really finish the work of art at any point. Every day you are constantly tweaking and adding more to the canvas of business. Becoming creative in business and working to create something from nothing helped me grow in more ways than I can explain. I can only imagine how Michael Angelo felt when he finished the Sistine chapel. Seeing a blank ceiling simply come to life and change the lives of all those who encounter it.

If you have a vision and that vision has a purpose you too can become an Artist. You just need to pick up the brush and get to work on that canvas. You never know how beautiful that creation could be until you start.

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