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You're always one more attempt away from success

Fall down seven times and stand up eight. A classic and cliche quote you may have heard a time or two or never at all. We can always overcome how many times we fail if we make the decision just to try one more time. The only way to fail in life is to simply quit. As long as you are still fighting and trying you have not failed. Failure is not making an attempt to overcome a difficulty. When we can change our mind about how we perceive failure only then can we find ways to overcome it. Early on in pursuit of my goal I faced many failures. I failed on tons of shows, I failed financially, I hurt some relationships, to name a few things.

I never quit though. I was relentless in my pursuit of what I wanted to do. Everytime I failed I would almost come back and double down everytime. I would double my next investment into a show or I would double my efforts in certain areas. Each time I failed I saw a hole poked in my system that needed to be addressed and fixed. Each time I fell short I knew almost right away what I needed to do because the result and data had let me know where I had gone wrong. It was little tweak after little tweak constantly trying to improve. I had so many times where I was in a position where no one would’ve blamed me if I quit. In July of 2017 my Business Partner and I at the time had got into it over the Company. At the time we lived together, worked our 9-5s together, and operated a Company together. The company was off to a solid start and we were seizing some big opportunities and I felt as if I was putting in more time and effort. We had a falling out and I was kicked out of the house, had legal actions taken against me and the company, almost lost my 9-5 job that month, and my godfather had died.

I moved into a friend's place where I had my mattress on the floor cause I was only able to stay there a month and all my shit in boxes. My life flipped upside down in a matter of a week and I didn’t know what to do. So much of me felt like quitting and giving up feeling as if I would not be able to rebound from everything happening. The thought of rebranding and starting all over again was terrifying as I knew how much work I had put in thus far. I had some incredible people around me in the Company that really helped me rally and I knew I couldn’t let them down. We rebranded and relaunched with the team intact. From that point forward we went on to produce 100+ events the next year with thousands of attendees across those events. We raised thousands for different non profit organizations across Arizona. We got get out in the community and volunteer as a team for groups like Arizona Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, Love is in the bag, and so many more great non profits.

Had I quit and thrown in the towel when I had every reason to we would’ve missed out on so many opportunities to impact our community and those around the Company.

Even if you feel like you have every reason to quit and the world is against just know it only takes one more attempt sometimes to find success. The only way you can ever truly fail in life is to quit and give up all together. As long as you’re willing to step into the batters box just one more time you have another opportunity to knock it out of the park.

Don’t ever quit, don’t ever give up. Discouragement is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.

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