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How I got my start in Business

I attended Mad Decent Block Party in 2016 reluctantly not knowing what to expect. Dance Music was never a taste of mine and I had never been to a festival with only that style of music. The next day after having the time of my life I looked at my phone screen and realized I had a $80 Uber charge on my phone. The trip from Rawhide to Tempe during Surge Pricing wasn’t gentle to a young Millennial like myself. Fast forward two months and global 2016 is approaching. Deciding to go last minute I decide to solve my biggest issue from my first experience. Transportation. At the age of 19 I would run Party Buses from Tempe to what was then known as Axis Radius Night Club which hosted their Twist Thursdays an all 18+ night. One of the few of its kind in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. For $20 you could have all the Redbull you wanted and a round trip to and from Old Town having a blast with sub woofers and music blasting on the party bus.

Back to Global, I decide to take my experience from 5 years ago and apply it to my problem a week before the Festival. 3 days later and 65 Venmo transactions later I had an over capacity Bus rolling blasting Dubstep on the way to my 2nd Festival.

Global 2016 is the night I realized I wanted to work in this industry.

That night at 3am I created our company gmail account. I didn’t know where to start but I knew that cost me $0.00 and it was a way to start. Next came the facebook, twitter, and Instagram accounts. Every process requires simple steps and many tend to overcomplicate where to start when they have their idea. My first business move. Scale the Party Buses. My 2nd move, find people who have talents that I don’t have. Good hearted people. My 3rd move find a “why” behind what I’m doing. The “why” was to take a beautiful platform surrounded by good people and use it to give back and cause real change in our world. Thus we founded on the basis of giving back. Not just our monetary funds which we donate from every event we do but through our time through volunteering which is donating our most precious asset that anyone can give.

OCTIV went on to host multiple shows including Bass City Block Party 2018, transported hundreds safely to Arizona’s biggest festivals and worked with venues across the valley. We started as a bunch of kids running party buses and grew to a credible LLC hosting events with headlining Artist’s such as Crankdat, Cazzette, Lumberjvck, Westend, Kandy, R3LL and many more . Solve a problem, help others, and create a community. Pretty simple formula for a business yeah?

Decadence 2017 (First Party Bus we ran under an LLC)
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